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Grease Monkey - Denver #446

7225 E. Hampden Ave.,  Denver,  CO 80224
(303) 692-9115


Here are what some of our customers have said about our service.

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Bear C. (Yelp User)
Denver, CO
4/6/2014 12:03 PM ETZ
" Went in at 8 am opening on  a Saturday morning, no one wants to be working at this time. Crew was AMAZING. They did two of my cars in under 30 minutes, and the staff was extremely welcoming and friendly for an early saturday. Morgan at the front was very kind and professional, she explained all options they had regarding cars that dont use synthetic and even the mechanics were smiling and calling me miss and ma'am. Thats where my 4 stars come into play. I'm used to the usual one to two hour wait with a grumpy staff that doesn't care and mechanics who won't even acknowledge a person as thats not part of their job requirement. My fifth star comes into play due to the fresh hot coffee, french vanilla creamer that no one ever has, and fresh cookies!! You usually don't see that as part of an oil change. Very pleasant, painless experience. I will definitely recommend and return! "

Emily B. (Yelp User)
Denver, CO
4/6/2014 12:01 PM ETZ
" I typically change my own oil, but have been way too busy to have the time to do it myself. I was way overdue, so I bit the bullet and took my car here. I really hate these places because I feel like they usually put absolutely no effort into doing a good job, or they just try to cheat you, especially when you're a girl. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I came in and told the guy I just changed my air filter and just needed the oil done. They came in and told me that my filter looked excellent, so I know they are honest. I was in and out super fast. "

Shana H. (Yelp User)
Denver, CO
3/18/2014 7:19 PM ETZ
" I think the crew here is awesome. They get your repairs done efficiently, let you know if there are any other concerns & will provide pricing, and treat you respectfully. I don't feel cheated at this location.

There is a sitting area, TV, complimentary beverages & a bathroom for your convenience. "

Allan A. (Google User)
Denver, CO
3/6/2014 1:06 PM ETZ
" I have zero issues bringing my car here. The staff is always polite and respectful. "

Qing (Google User)
" They are fast, friendly and professional!!! I am very impressed about their customer service!!! FIVE stars! "

Lindsay S. (Google User)
Denver, CO
" Staff was friendly and knowledgable without being pushy. They explained the pricing and services well before I decided on the oils and services to preform. The waiting area was VERY clean and comfortable. The service was quick and after it was done they did a great job explaining what they did, and let me know I can stop in anytime for tops offs and keeping the right air pressure in my tires. i was thanked multiple times while leaving, felt like they really DID appreciate my business. They were professional and I left happy, plan on returning for all my oil change needs! "


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